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David Daniel Humes was born in Putnam, Connecticut on March 31, 1965, the fifth of seven children borne by Melvin and Shirley Humes. Three of his siblings are deceased, Gary, Carl, and Gregory. His brother Glen, is a military hero with three tours in Iraq and a member of the Massachusetts Air National Guard. His brother Alan is also a veteran of the United States Air Force. Melanie, his only sister, currently resides in Mims, Florida and Shirley, his mother, also resides in Florida. Melvin the patriarch of the Humes clan, succumbed to cancer after many long years of battle with the disease in June 2009.

As a child growing up in Connecticut, David enjoyed the four seasons. In the winter, he and his siblings enjoyed snowball fights and sledding. Springtime was baseball season and David played for the Putnam little league. Summertime brought family vacations to the surrounding New England states. Fall brought football, his favorite sport, where he was a star for the Putnam youth football program. Year round, he enjoyed tree tipping, taking baths in the river, and hunting various berries.

During high school, in the early mornings, David delivered newspapers 365 days a year to augment family expenses and pay for his clothing and school lunches. After school, David played football in the fall and ran track in the winter and spring. After graduating high school in 1983, David supported himself by cutting timber, driving the Zamboni for Pomfret school, maintaining athletic fields, and operating a water pollution control facility for the City of Putnam.


       In 1987, David fulfilled his youthful dream of driving his modified 1959 Chevy Apache (that was previously used for his cordwood delivery business), to California and back to Connecticut via much exploration and experiences around the United States.  He did so with great zeal and eventually joined his brother Alan as a full time resident of “The Golden state” in 1991. He was employed by Ford Motor Company until he co-founded a successful Surplus Management Company known as “Asset Liquidation and Sales”.

    He also discovered “Gold” when he encountered a beautiful  woman in California by the name of Joanna Alvarado. She soon became “Joanna Humes” in a wedding ceremony in Las Vegas on August 27, 1994. They have been blessed with three children; Mia born April 28, 2007, Isabella born on January 27, 1999 and Natasha born on December 27, 1995. Isabella, The Miracle Child, was born 2 ½ months premature and David would religiously visit Cottage Hospital in the Neo Natal care unit to will his daughter to live. As of 2009 she is 10 years old and is excelling in gymnastics and academics.

    David felt a calling back to the East Coast in 2004 when his father, who had since moved from Connecticut to Florida, was struggling in his battle with prostate and colon cancer. Knowing he could make a difference, David came and lent unwavering support every step of his father’s battle. David and his father enjoyed  quality time together by playing cards and board games, watching sporting events, and attending family get-togethers.

David sent this e-mail shortly after his father’s passing:

 David Humes suffered a life-changing accident on July 18, 2009.